The Team

The core expertise of the company is essentially biotechnical and founded on marine biology and in particular in aquariology and water treatment. Over the years the company has also developed privileged relationships with trusted specialists in a range of other disciplines. These specialists range from architects, engineers and attraction designers to specialists in care of selected species who are called on, as required, to respond to the needs of each individual project. They work in all cases as an embedded part of the team .


The key members of the in-house team are as follows:

Cédric Guignard

Managing Director, Cedric is a marine biologist and an aqua-development engineer. He brings recent hands on aquarium experience to the team in commissioning of large world class projects and experience in management of coral reef species/living corals as well as tropical rain forest mammals, reptiles/amphibians and fish. He has strong project management expertise and his experience in applied in-situ research in reconstruction of natural coral reefs also serves to reinforce our ability to realistically recreate natural habitats within aquaria.    

Mike Causer

Founder of the company and currently supporting Cedric's projects development ; Mike is a marine biologist whose experience of aquarium projects over more than 30 years is unsurpassed in the aquariological field and ensures that all new projects are realistic and well founded. Mike provides the visionary impetus for all projects also takes a personal interest in every new venture to ensure its innovative content and unique identity. Mike is both the founder and the guarantor of the quality of documentation that is submitted in support of all Ocean's projects and which has become a hallmark of the company's reputation.

Ray Heath

Creative Director ; Ray is an museum/attractions designer who has his own design company Ray Heath Associates Ltd. He is nevertheless sufficiently embedded in every creatively driven project to merit mention as a core member of the team. Ray's input ensures a degree of design flair both in the content and in the presentation of our work. He is responsible for the management and development of the project thematic and storyline. He further undertakes the conception and design management of all dry-side theming while also ensuring its synergy with the décor and thematic presentation of the living exhibits.

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